Budget Control for Metal Sheet Roofing

The previous article mentioned the reason for price differentiation in steel roofing and walling which according to the quality. In this article, we will mention the price of steel roofing system in details.

The beautiful skywalk with KS Composite Floor Deck

The beautiful skywalk in the city center linking between BTS station and building, which has the steel structure and steel roofing all the way. According to the heavy traffic, it is difficult to block the area which will cause the heavier traffic.

The nice ceiling with KS Splendid

The sermon hall of Mongkhon Phukaram Monastery or the temple pavilion is a multi-purpose pavilion for monks preaching, people making merits. It is a curved roof shape open-air pavilion.

Why Expansion clip should be used for long length roofing?

The metal sheet roof mostly uses in the big building such as factory, warehouse, department store and etc. Those will be designed with a low sloping roof to make the building height and cost saving, so Boltless and 360 Seam roofing system

Why the price for steel roofing is different? Know before buying

The metal sheet is the material we have been hearing for more than 10 years and is still popular until now, but why the price is so different. From more than 30 years’ experience in this business, as a manufacturer and distribution of premium quality steel products

The big construction shop with KS TripleSeam65

A big construction material shop DoHome, locates in Bang Wua in a large area, width greater than 140 meters with a 3 degrees low slope of the gable roof. To meet the requirement for the big building

The modern style building with KS Subarashii

The modern style building and distinctive striking red wall typically of Winner Group Company located at Muang, Ratchaburi. It is meet the customer’s requirement in an outstanding curving wall.

Danger! Be Aware when working at height

Working at height is the distance from the ground level to the foot level of the worker that more than 2.0 meter (according to the Announcement of the Ministry of Interior). If one falls, he/she will be injured from head, arm, leg, elbow, wrist, knee, or body.

What to do with the noisy steel roof?

The metal sheet roof is a popular roofing material at the moment with a lot of qualifications in light-weighted, durable, easy installation, and less joint to prevent from the leakage. Though, when it is raining, it is quite noisy.

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