KS Louver


KS Louver

KS louver to ventilate and prevent rainwater into the building, there are 2 types

1. KS PureLouver

KS PureLouver : The latest upgrade version of louver without the louver bracket. There are 2 types – KS PureLouver Guard and KS PureLouver SuperGuard.

KS PureLouver: The new louver don’t need the louver bracket to fixed on the support. Easy to install and faster. Save time and cost. To protect the little animals into the building. The maximum length is 6.1 m. There are 2 types

1) KS PureLouver Guard: This KS PureLouver have consistent and small perforation to increase benefit with prevent bird, mouse into the building. There are typeA and typeB.

2) KS PureLouver SuperGuard: This KS PureLouver have consistent and tiny perforation to increase benefit with prevent insect into the building.

KS PureLouver Guard

KS PureLouver Superguard

2. KS Louver

KS Louver : this is the existing version to be used for a long time, which need louver bracket is fixed to the support. There are 2 types - KS LouverPlus and KS Louver

Louver bracket

There is 4 types of Louver bracket

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