Rooftop Protection Clip

“Roof Protection clip” is the special designed for the clip to strengthen, firmly and durability which is fixed over the roof but not cause leakage on roofing sheet. It’s suitable for

  • Clip for SolarPanel
  • Clip for LightningRod
  • Clip for SafetyRooftop
  • Clip for Rooftop

This is designed to use for every roof system

  1. Roof Protection clip for Bolt system
  2. Roof Protection clip for Boltless system : roof profile is KS Klipfix39, KS KlipSeam60 and KS KlipSeam110
  3. Roof Protection clip for Standing Seam system : roof profile is KS TripleSeam65, KS TripleSeam110 and KS TriPro75
  4. Roof Protection clip for Architectural Standing Seam system : roof profile is KS CozySeam, KS IcoSeam