Roofing & Walling


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Roofing & Walling

KS BFlat Series - Bolt System


For economical and cost-saving alternative, in response to various designs and the building's appearance, our company would like to offer the steel roofing and walling profile with the benefits as followings:

  • Variety of profiles which suitable for roofing, walling and ceiling application
  • Due to strength, profile ability for long support spacing
  • Flexible to curve
  • Lightweight, easy to install, and time saving
  • Better drainage capacity and waterproof
  • Custom length as required and On-site roll forming also available
  • Highly Corrosion-resistant and durable coated steel for longer lasting building
  • Roof insulation system provides cool condition and energy saving


  • Variety of profiles for selecting
  • Bolt system is suitable for applications
  • Available for straight sheet, curved or convex-concave curve
  • Recommend min. roof slope 5 degree but 2 degree for KS BWing series
  • Rolled-form from High-tensile steel, min: yield strengths are G550 (550MPa) or G300 (300MPa), aluminum/zinc alloy-coated steel and clean colorbond prepainted steel