KS FlorDek50
Composite Floor Decking System

Product Information

KS Flordek, the new generation in composite steel floor decking systems joins steel & concrete. Suitable for multi-rise building, with effective span and excellent performance, custom length as required.

  • Profile dimension : Cover width 970mm, Rib height 50 mm
  • Proven construction economics : lightweight, fast to construct, and safe working platform
  • Use as structural formwork for the construction, saving time and money
  • Saving cost of the supporting steelwork, scaffolding, propping
  • Provide fire protection
  • Highly corrosion resistant, durability

Products Accessories


1. Structure of steel columns and steel beams (In case of concrete beam, you can use KS Flordek steel decking)

2. Install temporary props (as specified) before pouring concrete

3. Seam with punching tool at the side-lap of sheet

4. Weld shear stud through steel decking, fixed to the beam with welding gun

5. Fix accessories such as Edge Form Closer, Profile End Closer

6. Weld the next shear studs

7. Reinforced tensile steel. Place bar reinforcement over each support and reinforced mesh towards the top of slap

8. Place bar reinforcement around small opening such as PVC pipe

9. Use reinforced concrete around large opening (as specified by the design engineer)

10. Pouring concrete

11. Remove the temporary props after concrete already setting

Project Reference