The Steel Roof, an Interesting Choice

The Steel Roof, an Interesting Choice

Get to know the steel roof

or also known as metal sheet.

“Roof” is an important part of the house and building because it prevents from heat from the sun, rain or wind. It is not quite good if there is leakage or damaged later. Moreover, the nowadays global warming causes more severe natural disasters, heavy rain, strong wind, sometimes there is rain storm blown away the roof sheet, some areas there is hail storm which damaged the roof.

So, we should focus on roofing material choosing to suit the building and environment which can help us prevent from these problems. In present, we have a lot of choices in the roofing materials. One of the interesting choices is “steel roof”

What is the Steel Roof?

The steel roof is the steel sheet using for roofing or also known as metal sheet roof with 0.30 - 0.70 mm. thickness and coated steel base with Aluzinc (aluminum-zinc alloy coating) for longer lifetime, pre painted coated for beauty, and rolled-form into the different profile shapes to enhance the profile performance efficiency. Those can be used for roof sheet, wall sheet, or ceiling sheet. Moreover, it can be rolled-form into ridge flashing, gable flashing, gutter flashing, and other flashings to make it look nice and installation conveniences. It also can be rolled-form to end closer to prevent the building from birds, insect, or rats.

The Advantages of the Steel Roof

  • Light weight, so it can be fixed on steel, concrete, or timber structure
  • Easy and fast installation by using with the fastener on the roof structure
  • Anti-leakage and ability to resist wind force and foot traffic loading
  • Roof slope can be lower than 5 degrees. For Concealed-fixed Roof System (Boltless System) can be low roof slope to 1 degree. Clip is fixed to purlin before the sheet is located over clip. So, the fastener doesn’t pass through the sheet that increase waterproof. In some type, it is the Roof insulated sheet which is the heat resistance cool condition and noise reduction from the rain fall.

“Thermal Insulation” helps reducing heat and noise.
Lightweight, Easy and Fast Installation, Long Lifetime, and Durable for Exterior environment

Expanded Polystyrene Foam
(EPS Foam)



The Conclusion of Steel Roof

The steel roof has various usage formats because there are many roof systems and fixing method to the structures, including many roof profile shapes, color, and length as needed, and can be curved to radius of roof shape. However, choosing the steel roof should consider the profile, thickness, fixing system in each type of the roof sheet which affecting the designing roof, profile ability, purlin spacing, and rain drainage. Choose properly or consult with the engineer before use.

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