Feng Shui Roof Shape

Feng Shui Roof Shape

The roof shape can be a part of fortune urging for the inhabitants. Let’s get to know the roof shape according to Feng Shui.

The roof prevents the sun light, rain, and wind from impacting the building. The roof designing should focus on these factors. Moreover, the roof shape can lead the fortune to the inhabitants in Feng Shui belief.

There are many types of roof shape including lean-to roof, gable roof, hip roof, curved roof, and slap roof.

The Type of the Roof Shape

1. Monopitch roof, Lean-to roof

It is a slope in the steep angle on one side of the horizontal roof for easy drainage of the rain and snow. For this shape, it is not good for Feng Shui meaning one cannot safe one’s asset. Even it is the plainest design but it is hard to make it look nice with the other parts of the buildings. To overcome this obstacle, we can see that the new generation of the architectures makes this roof as the modern style.

2. Gable roof

It is developed from the monopitch roof as the triangle gable with 2 slope angles on both left and right side of the roof, mostly be seen in the Thai traditional houses, and Greek & Roman classic style houses. In Feng Shui, the sharpen shape of the roof looks like the spear shape plunging, believing that the inhabitants tend to be injured or lost in assets. It is quite scary but don’t worry too much because the effect will not be severe. Most effects come from the sharp look shape which affects the mental in bad attitude, lack of confidence, suspicious, and paranoid.

3. Hip roof

It is the 4 slope angles in the front, back, and sides connecting with 5 hip rafters, the same eaves span on 4 sides, and the rain will flow on 4 sides of the roof. In Feng Shui, it is good for “Qi” to flow around the house meaning the good fortune. The beautiful hip roof is widely used nowadays. In Europe, it is widely used for luxurious castle roof.

4. Curve roof

This shape is not good in Feng Shui which cannot keep “Qi”. It can mostly be seen in Europe style house. The curve roof will be widely used for religion building in Roman age.

5. Slab roof

This shape is also not good in Feng Shui which cannot keep “Qi” or fortune. It can mostly be seen in commercial building with the reinforced concrete floor.

KS Group would like to present the roof profile which can be used for the curved roof
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The Conclusion of Feng Shui Roof Shape

Thailand Feng Shui branches in many ways as belief and science. In Feng Shui belief will consider that the good form has the good Qi which refer to the hip roof only but don’t be too worry, if we focus on the Feng Shui science, there are other factors to consider too. The good roof shape should be the simple design, available in any shapes but it needs to be in the same sheet for the whole building. It should not be overlapped or too many layers. In the construction part, the many layers of overlapping roof may produce leakage and the habitats for birds, rats, or insects. The simple roof is easy to care of and make the house have the good balance in shape.

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