Comfort living with energy saving

Comfort living with energy saving

Tips for comfort living and energy saving, and also save the waterworks and electricity expenses.

Tips for comfort living and energy saving, and also save the waterworks and electricity expenses.

How to save energy

1. The direction of the building The house should face north or south to avoid the direct sunlight.

2. Planting trees or installing the canopy or awning especially on the west and south for the most effective way in preventing the heat penetrate to the building because Thailand inclined toward northern hemisphere, so the sun orbits detour to south almost all year.


3. Installing the air ventilator with KS Louvre or KS Ventflow on the roof ridge which can reduce the temperature down by 10-20 degrees Celsius.

4. Organizing the living space to harmonize with the wind flow and sunlight. The south will always get the wind flow, so it should be bedroom, or living room. The west will always get the strong sunlight but there is still ventilation, so it should be less using area such as restroom, kitchen, stairway, or storage.

5. The building color including wall, ceiling, and floor material should be light tone color being able to reflect the heat better than the darker tone.

6. Taking more natural light – should get skylight or opening from north will reduce the electricity expenses or installing KS Skylight, the transparent roofing, is also another option.

7. Window position - for better ventilation, south is the best for wind flow. It should not install the window on the west.

8. Choose to buy the save energy appliances such as Label No. 5 appliances


If the residences in Thailand can save more energy, it will reduce importing fuel as much. The low energy consumption building but is still comfortable and has a good quality of life, low maintenance cost in the long term, making a new age of quality of life, will respond the future life style.

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