The answer for the long length seamless roof sheet

The answer for the long length seamless roof sheet

An onsite Roll forming machine is the answer for unlimited long length sheets without end lap and no need to worry about the transportation anymore.

Visiting Nong Khae area you will see a large rubber factory with site area more than 15,000 square meters or equivalent to 2 standard size football fields where the seamless roof sheet is applied by using on-site roll-forming machine because the very long length roof sheet cannot deliver by a trailer. 

Customer selected roof sheet with wide pan and high rib (KS KlipSeam110) to ensure there is no leakage due to waterproofing condition. Besides, also help to reduce costs and support fast construction and energy saving with insulation installation from the factory.


The on-site roll-forming is available for customers with unlimited long-length seamless roof sheets. No more leakage concerns, support fast construction and cost-effectiveness because it also helps to reduce labor and transportation cost.

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