Roof shades according to FengShui

Roof shades according to Feng Shui

Choosing colors for your house is not only about the beauty but according to FengShui also about the belief, moreover it will also support life of the person who stays in the house. For those who is looking for colors for painting your new house or changing to new colors, this article has recommendations for your consideration.

For those who is looking for colors for painting your new house or change to the new colors, this article has recommendations for your consideration. 

Feng Shui is a science or the art of living in harmony with the nature. Feng means wind and Shui means water, Feng Shui is pronounced according to the Teochew Chinese accent so Feng Shui home means living in harmony with the environment and nature.

Colors according to Feng Shui is a symbol that represents each element. Each color will bring auspiciousness. and provide different energy.

Earth element:

Earth represents calmness, stability, recovery, freshness and completeness. The colors of the earth element are yellow, orange, brown, cream, or any material that contains soil, stone, and ceramic.

Water element

Water represents flow, comfort, peace, balance and adaptation to the environment. The colors of the water element are blue, gray and black, or any shiny material such as glass.

Wood element

Wood represents a natural atmosphere, warm, bright, peaceful, thriving and abundant. The colors of the wood element are light green, dark green, light brown, or any material that contains wood components.

Fire element

Fire represents bright, energetic and stable. The colors of the fire element are red, pink, purple or creating a bright atmosphere.

Gold element (Metal)

Gold represents sharpness, modernity and creativity. The colors of the gold element are white, silver, gold or any material made of shiny metal which gives a feeling of elegance.


Knowing the meaning of the colors according to Feng Shui would support and bring you the luck for yourself and your house easier.

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