Who should be using steel roof sheet?

Who should be using steel roof sheet?

Roof sheet is one of the important parts of the building and therefore choosing a suitable roof sheet for the building and house is also important.

This article based on customer’s concerns regarding how to choose the right the steel roof sheet for building and house because roof sheet is one of the important parts of the building. Roof sheet helps to protect building from sun, heat, rainwater and wind. Durability, no leakage including the reduction of noise and heat are the key features for the roof sheet.

There are 4 categories to help you choose the right the steel roof sheet for your building and house

Type 1.

Residential: stand-alone houses, villages, clubhouses, condominiums, apartments, etc. mainly focus on the beauty and elegance of modern roof style.

Recommend: Steel roofs are KS CozySeam Roof Sandwich Panel seamless roof or KS Klipfix39Boltless system.

Type 2:

Factories, Warehouses (medium to large size) focus on space utilization and cost-effectiveness. 

Recommend:  Boltless Roof systems such as Boltless systems and Standing Seam systems. But if there is a limited budget you can choose Bolt system but regularly check on the water leakage is highly recommended and also the length of the sheet.

Type 3:

Commercial buildings including office buildings, conventional halls, showrooms, department stores supermarkets, gymnasiums, schools, etc. mainly focus on the architectural appearance. 

Recommend:  Boltless system or if the building is very large can choose Standing Seam system because this system will perfectly prevent water leakage.

Type 4 :

Power plant is a specific requirement project. A high quality is required the special thickness of steel must be concerned and the roof sheet is depended on the design drawing or specification.

We hope that the 4 categories above will help you in terms of choosing the right and suitable roof sheet for your house and building. 

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