5 Ways to reduce heat and keep your house cool

5 Ways to reduce heat and keep your house cool

Summer is coming, here’s are 5 ways to reduce heat and keep your house cool.

Summer is coming, here’s are 5 ways to reduce heat and keep your house cool.

1: to use the insulation

Insulation can be used to reduce the heat and save energy, there are so many types of insulation in the market such as Glasswool Insulation, Rockwool Insulation, EPS Insulation which has different benefit. (For more information, please see Tips “Which type of the Thermal Insulation?”) (Please see more ‘Roofing with Insulation’)

2: Install canopy or sunshade eaves

To install the canopy or eaves to increase the shaded area, it is recommended to use KS Cozy Seam Sandwich Panel. It is all in one roofing and ceiling with insulation in the middle of panels which creates more beauty.

Ladawan Rama 2

3: Install louvers to flow the air

To install louvers to flow the air, KS Group has developed the louver not only for the airflow but also to prevent small animals such as birds, mouse, and insects into the building – known as KS PureLouver. It is a fast installation and does not need the louver bracket. (Please see more “KS PureLouver").

KS PureLouver Guard

KS PureLouver Superguard

KS LouverPlus Guard Connector

4: The Ventilation

To install the air ventilation system, KS VentFlow works as Passive Airflow Ventilation which provides continuous airflow and helps remove overheated air from the roof that makes it comfortable and cooling inside. According to the research, KS VentFlow helps to reduce the temperature of the air inside up to 6.7 degrees Celsius and the vent on for factory roof will also reduce the maximum temperature up to 10 – 12 degrees Celsius.

Open gable roof

The gable roof has an opening on the roof.

5: Plants trees

Trees and greens give us natural and shade, making your house fresh and delightful.


There are plenty of ways to reduce heat and keep your house cool such as installing insulation, installing canopy or sunshade eaves, installing louvers, install the airflow system “KS VentFlow” including plants trees and greens.

Thank you for your trust in the use of KS Group products and services.

By KS Group

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