Double Roof renovation without demolishing the old roof

Double Roof renovation without demolishing the old roof

It is normal that the roof can be cracked after using for long time but after that the painful is water leakage.

It is normal that the roof can be cracked after use for a long time but after that, the painful is water leakage. Especially for the factory that used galvanized steel sheets, it is possible to have a rusty sheet and water leakage after long time of use. This article provides recommendations regarding solving water leakage by Double Roof renovation to permanently solve the problem.

Why is Double Roof renovation can solve the water leakage problem?

Double Roof renovation is a new way of roof repair that not need to remove the old roof but reinforcing with Double protection can close all water leakage points. It becomes more popular these days because of the following features and benefits.

  • Close all the water leakage points
  • Lightweight, no additional structure required, no effect on the old roof and old structure
  • Safe for people inside the house during the renovation
  • No falling scrap or materials from the old roof
  • Comfortable living with the insulation to reduce heat
  • A new look and is beautiful with a new roof and flashing to cover all roof sheets

The photo below is Double Roof renovation of the factory roof sheet, using KS KlipFix39 roofing with insulation.

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By KS Group

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