Tips for a house decoration with Steel Walling Sheet

Tips for a house decoration with Steel Walling Sheet

If you are looking for wall materials for decorate your modern house you may familiar with wooden, not only beauty but also warm but with the limitation of the woods in terms of price, maintenance, service life the replacement products are become more popular.

When talking about steel cladding sheets that used for decorating a modern house, you may think about Japanese house, Coffee shop, Office building including Scandinavian house with Nordic design, they are simple but prominent and unique. With KS Group Metal sheet, not only suit to modern style but also make your house outstanding. This article we will give you advice regarding the Steel Walling for the decoration.


1. Choose a wall pattern create different looks

KS CozySeam for modern house, creates outstanding design, unique lines and shapes, special design of the wide and smooth panel profile. Or KS Subarashii for the different looks and feels, natural pattern to soften the modern style.

Designing a modern house with a Nordic look and feel, lines are created to draw the eye to the gable roof by design from the roof to the wall as the continuous lines. KS CozySeam Roof Sandwich Panel represents attractive design and elegance and use special flashing with hidden-screws method to prevent water leakage.

2. Adding colorful with theme color and patterns

KS Group provides variety profiles of colors and patterns to create mood & tone; Earth-tone for warm, Black & Gray for dark and cool feeling, Black and White for Feng Shui science and Yin & Yang – Black for Yin and White for Yang.

3. Vertical, horizontal and oblique wall insulation give different feeling

Features of the Metal sheet are such as fast and easy installation, beautiful and neat. Wall Installation with concealed-fix method can be installed in vertical, horizonal and oblique, each provides different look and feel. Vertical Walling gives airy, stable, durable, Horizonal Walling gives width, simple, peaceful and oblique walling gives savvy, swipe and fast. Anyway, the balance of the house will be the key for selecting.

KS ModishLine Walling Sheet Horizontal and Vertical

4. Relaxing corner that close to the nature

Decorate your house with trees and greens for terrace or balcony for relaxing zone that combine between warmth and reduce feel the strength of the modern house style.


Steel Walling sheet from KS Group for house decoration is one the materials that support the modern and others design. Because we have variety profiles, colors and patterns available for customer selection and also have Boltless Wall System (concealing-fixing method) creates more elegance and neat. 

Metal sheet from KS Group has many features such as strong, durable especially Sandwich Panel Roof that use EPS non-flammable insulation for heat & noise reduction which consider as an environmentally friendly product and very safety.

Thank you for your trust in the use of KS Group products and services.

By KS Group

STP Engineering & Supply Ltd.

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