KS Profile Series No.14 KS Subarashii

KS Subarashii

KS Subarashii is a Boltless system (Concealed-fixed Wall System) for walling and ceiling sheet, creates the beauty and luxury for your building with screw-hidden.

This article will share you how to choose walling and ceiling sheet for your house and building #WallSheetSeries – to ensure the quality and the beauty of walling and ceiling sheet for modern design.

KS Subarashii is the fourteenth profile for this series, a Boltless system (Concealed-fixed Wall System) creates the beauty and luxury for your building with screw-hidden, also the outstanding and unique lines and patterns. With rib height at 19mm. and width at 250mm, has an evenly symmetrical rib profile, suitable for ceiling and wall decoration both inside and outside.

  • Outstanding profile with unique lines and pattern
  • Special Flashing is design specific to walling and ceiling
  • Hide screws perfectly and neat
  • Can apply for Box Office, Knock-down Module
  • Light weight, fast and easy installation
  • Can install both vertical and horizontal
  • Resistant to weather corrosion which make the building last longer
  • Profile dimension : Cover width 250 / Rib height 19 mm
  • Thickness (BMT) : 0.42, 0.45, 0.48, 0.55 mm
  • Thickness (TCT) : 0.47, 0.50, 0.53, 0.60 mm
  • Application : Vertical & Horizontal walling, Ceiling
  • Method of installation : Concealed-fixing (ระบบซ่อนสกรู)

Installation system for walling and ceiling sheet

Can be divided into 2 systems as below:

  1. Boltless system
  2. Bolt system

For more information, please read following articles #The Steel Roof Sheet, an interesting choice #How to choose roof sheet type? #Who should be using steel roof sheet?

Comfortable… maximum product warranty at 30 years

Confident… a beautiful, strengthen and durable premium quality steel roofing and walling sheet that certified products by engineering tests and obtained certificates

Reliability… with experiences in metal sheet roofing system over 30 years

Thank you for your trust in the use of KS Group products and services.

By KS Group

STP Engineering & Supply Ltd.

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